How To Make Your Home Ready For A Roof Replacement

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Getting a brand new roof is undoubtedly exciting. On the other hand, it is dangerous too. As the roofing company reaches the home, the home becomes a work zone with many unexpected hazards. The situation can be even dangerous for households with small children and pets. However, with a reputable roofing company, the job can be done carefully and efficiently. Your chosen contractor for Roofing Dorking must be a reputable one.

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Let’s Have A Look At The Tips That You Need To Follow In Order To Make Your House Prepared For A Roof Replacement.

  • Control Children And Pets

Loud continuous noise coming from the house may often worsen anxiety and agitate sleep habits. Though it is exciting to watch the work zone from a distance, it might not be suitable for children and pets. Rather, it might be unsafe for them. Talk to your child well in advance explaining that some areas of the house or yard shouldn’t be accessed until the job is done. However, they don’t always understand such dangers. So, it would be even better to visit friends or family while the roof replacement job is under process.

  • Relocate Vehicles

You are required to provide your parking space to the contractor as they need prompt access to their trucks and tools all across the day. They need a place to store debris and shingles. Therefore, it will be good to keep the car at a safe distance from the work zone until the job is completed. Also, keep the garage door closed while the work is on its way to avoid debris and dust.

  • Remove Wall Decors

The vibration caused by machines and hammers on the roof travels through the walls of the house. This is even truer in case the existing deck needs a repair. Remove any picture, the other item and wall decoration that are not secured with screws permanently, as a safety measure. Any decorative light fittings should also be removed for the time being.

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  • Shift Patio Furniture And Grills Away

Shift any outside items like patio furniture, grills, potted plants and any lawn ornaments while the roof is being replaced. You may use a shed for this purpose.

  • Trim Grass And Prune Trees In Advance

 Tree branches hanging low near the roof need to be pruned prior to the construction work begins. It is better to use drop cloths for protecting the grass and plants in the closest perimeter of the home and your Roofing Dorking contractor should take this measure before beginning the work.

  • Identify Accessible Power Outlets

The contractor will need access to electrical outlets for doing their job. Though exterior outlets are preferred, a garage outlet may also be used in case there is no outlet on the exterior side of the house. However, if you don’t have one in the garage as well, the contractor needs to use extension cords running through the window door to have a power connection outside. To avoid tripping hazards due to extension cords, select an outlet located in an area with low foot traffic.

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